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Hey Miz_Julez [Feb. 22nd, 2005|07:01 pm]
Beyond Beautiful



Click here. This is where that chic- Miz_julez- that you all love applied. Hahaha. They're rejecting her too. Guess no one likes her.

[User Picture]From: ___pearl
2005-02-23 12:07 am (UTC)
that girl had the nerve to comment in my journal and call me names. haha. aww she doesnt like being ugly now does she. haha
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[User Picture]From: sunshine_x_sk8r
2005-02-27 07:11 pm (UTC)


she diserves it she went 2 my lj 2! starts cussin me out
o hell naw bitch lol
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[User Picture]From: rockindahouse
2005-02-27 11:34 pm (UTC)

What happened ?

What happened? Like no one has posted anything or applied for a whole week!! I promoted quite a bit yesterday... but I'm not sure if it did much because it wasn't in communities, it was in journals.
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