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[Mar. 5th, 2005|09:09 pm]
Beyond Beautiful


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hey yall
i am soo sorry that i haven't updated in a while i have been busy with a play

ok who can anwser me thig
a guy that i like liked me back............ for a day then he told my friend he didn't want to go out with me b/c he didn't want to have to get into the whole gf/bf thing and i am the same way b/c i my lasy bf i hasd i want some time off with going out with people righ? ok
well i got mad but i was sad at first i still want to be friends with him b/c he is really nice cute and just sweet he called me beautiful 3 times teehee
i want him to be one of my best guy friend ya kno where you can go plzces with them talk on the phone with them and just be like a good friend to them and then if things go well then maybe go out

but i really want to talk to him about it
so what should i tell him i kno that i should say i still want to be friends with you and i still like you
what should i say from there?

From: teenage_apathy
2005-03-07 05:37 pm (UTC)
tell him about the friends thing im sure he's be glad to be yours =)
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[User Picture]From: ucanbmysunshine
2005-03-08 10:57 pm (UTC)
thanks yall
all tho i haven't seen him lately but i am sure that i can tell him about the friend thing
but yet there is a good side to this he thinks that i am beatiful and i have 2 really cute guys that want to get to kno me better and think that i am cute
so ha yea!
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