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Beyond Beautiful

Are you one of the elite?

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This is a community for beautiful people & only beautiful people. We will make it very clear that this community will judge you on your looks not your opinions, personality, etc. We are the hottest on livejournal. Beautiful to look at. We are the elite! Please don't apply if you aren't: beautiful and in shape. Also don't apply here if you can't take criticism.

(a) Dont promo in here or you are banned
(b) We vote on you in a poll from 1 to 10
(c) Must be an 8 or higher to be accepted
(d) Please stay active and promote
(e) You must be older then 14 please
(f) Your app will be reviewed then reposted as a poll


-None atm-

-none atm-

teenage_apathy = 15pts
___pearl = 15pts

3 points for each promotion with proof.
5 Points for each promotion banner you make & submit.
10 points for each picture entry.
15 points for each theme post.
20 points for winning a theme contest.

-none atm-
To challenge another member please post an entry about it and post
3 of your best pics and then they will comment back with 3 pics of
there own and then the challenge is on and the poll will be posted.